A few notes about Aimms

It is a combinatorial optimization platform, to help solve linear, integer problems, and even non-linear problems.

As a platform, it helps to make the problems easier for the developer – it includes syntax error detection, charts, connection to databases and so on.

It is a powerful tool. I used it in consulting, to help solve big problems in the Brazilian industries.

The solver is a hard numerical library that solves the problem mathematically. We use Cplex, but we could use Gurobi, for example.

Other examples of Linear problem softwares: Lingo, Lindo, GLPK, Gurobi – there are several – and there are better solutions coming.

One good tip. There is an academic version of AIMMS. For those who are studying, you can request one.


in the links, some manuals about AIMMS.